About Brian Singer

Who is Brian Singer?

Brian Singer, the senior adjuster at Alliance Adjustment group, is a licensed professional with nineteen years of experience helping Pennsylvania, NJ, DE & MD homeowners and commercial property owners get MAXIMUM DOLLARS for their property damage.


Brian Singer Licenced Public Adjuster, based in Bucks County is part of a team of experts in residential homeowner’s claims.


Commercial property losses aren’t confined to physical damage. Losses often affect the contents of the building and loss of income due to business interruption.


Have your facilities, equipment, or vehicles been damaged? Your property is critical for operations. Contact me today to begin recovering your costs and get back to 100%.

Why Brian Singer?

Why Brian is your go-to for insurance adjusting needs.

Brian singer


In less than 30 minutes, I can let you know if you have a worthwhile claim.


No Upfront Costs

I work on a contingency basis, which means I don't get paid until you do.



I'll handle every aspect of your claim, so you don’t have to.

300k+ satisfied clients


3,280 averaeg rating


213 customer reviews

The Process

Brian Singer is widely known in the insurance industry for his persistence and determination which results in MAXIMUM DOLLARS for you.

1. We report the claim to your insurance company.
2. We write a comprehensive estimate for all of your building and personal property damage.
3. We meet with your insurance representative on site to present the loss.
4. We combat the engineers, plumbers & roofers that your insurance co. routinely hires.
5. We evaluate and analyze your insurance company’s initial offer.

6. We support you by answering all of your questions throughout the process.
7. We negotiate the deficiencies of the insurance company’s offer.
8. We document the full process for you in writing.
9. We resolve your claim so you get the maximum dollars for your loss.
10. We share our network of recommended professionals to help restore your property.

Common Insurance Mistakes

Mistake #1: You pay to have damages repaired yourself

Don’t Do That! You don’t need to pay when it is covered by your insurance.

Mistake #2: You submit a claim to your insurance company…

…without a Public Adjuster. You don’t know whether you received MAXIMUM DOLLARS for your loss.

Mistake #3: You retain a Public Adjuster who stops negotiating… 

…after the 1st offer from the Insurance company. You should have hired Alliance Adjustment Group!