Thomas P.

testimonial icoBrian Singer helped me a lot with my insurance company coverage after I forgot the gas stove was on and it burnt my house down. Brian helped me get the most out of my insurance company and saved my marriage.

Emily H.

testimonial icoAfter a huge storm we had in Philly, a tree fell onto my house & broke the roof.  Luckily, we contacted Brian first before calling my insurance company.  Brian took over and did all the things needed with the claim and handled the insurance company.  Now my house is fixed!

Dan M.

testimonial icoWe had some issues with our house. Brian’s professional and quick response helped us through a difficult situation. I highly recommend Brian Singer. It would never hurt to get a free consultation from him.

Tim O.

testimonial icoBrian Singer did an amazing job taking care of an insurance claim on our commercial property. He did all the paperwork and found things that were damaged we didn’t even think about. After the claim was submitted, what we received – after his % – was more than what we thought we would have received when we first assessed everything and 100% covered repairing all damages.