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Tips for Filing Business Insurance Claims – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland

Setting up a business requires a ton of effort and resources. As your company grows, it may acquire essential assets like buildings, inventory, machinery, and a large workforce. To ensure that your business is productive and secure, it’s crucial to have business insurance that protects your assets. However, in case of an unfortunate event, many business owners are unaware of how to file a property insurance claim. To ease the process, people recommend understanding the property insurance claims process and the role of a public insurance adjuster in it.

Brian Singer, serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, is the public insurance claims adjuster that you can trust! Throughout the years, Brian has diligently gotten the best payouts imaginable for commercial as well as home insurance claims. Being a member of the LeTip Buxmont business networking group shows how committed he is to the community.


If something happens to your business that damages your property or third-party assets, it’s essential to start the claims process as soon as possible. Even a short delay can prolong the process and make it take longer to receive reimbursement. Ensure to accurately report all damages to your business and any third-party assets affected. Consider hiring a public insurance claims adjuster like Brian Singer to help you navigate the insurance claim process quickly and easily.

The next step in the process would be contacting your insurance agent. But wait! It would be wise to contact Brian Singer to come out and assess the damage and write a report. Then have him contact the insurance company on your behalf. It’s important to remember that the insurance adjuster assigned by your insurance company is working in their best interest rather than yours. That’s why hiring a public insurance adjuster who will prioritize your needs and verify damages accordingly is wise. If your claim is small, the insurance adjuster can settle it in just one visit. However, for more significant insurance claims that involve severe injuries, embezzlement, or fraud, an investigation may be necessary to gather all the information needed for settlement.

When filing a business insurance claim, gathering all the necessary records to prove the value of damaged equipment, inventory, or structures is important. For business income claims, you’ll need to provide proof of the income the business was generating both before and after the

interruption began. This means collecting various financial documents, including tax returns, monthly sales tax returns, business contracts, budgets, financial statements, and other pertinent documents. This information lets you work with your insurance company to determine lost business income. Remember to keep track of all relevant records to ensure a smooth and fair insurance claims process. Your public insurance adjuster, Brian Singer, comes in handy with this tip. You can hand over all of your information to Brian. He can go through the relevant documents before talking with your insurance company.


When dealing with commercial insurance claims, it’s essential to keep in mind that the time it takes to settle depends on the type of loss and the level of compensation expected. If the damage is severe and the insurance claim is taking longer than expected, it might be necessary to create a follow-up strategy. Consider hiring a loss mitigation team, such as a public insurance adjuster like Brian Singer, who can prepare reports to advocate for your claim. Business interruption is also a significant concern, especially for large insurance claims, as the time it takes to adjust the insurance claim is not typically included in compensation and can cause substantial losses. Your public insurance adjuster, Brian Singer, may also suggest bringing in a forensic accountant to review the incident and other related events that could affect the claim.

Contact Brian Singer at (215) 880-3958 or visit his website for more information. Businesses run on productivity. Every day you are closed, you are losing valuable profit. Don’t put added pressure on yourself. Hire a public insurance claims adjuster today to get your money tomorrow!

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