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What Does a Public Adjuster Do ?

Water damage insurance claims can be some of the most complicated claims for homeowners. This is because only certain types of water damage are covered under a typical homeowners’ insurance policy.

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Storm damage claims can be made up of several different types of damage. High winds associated with storms can damage your homes’ roof or siding and blow trees onto your home. Hail can damage your roof. Water can enter your home from the damage caused by a storm.

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Suffering damage from a fire and/or smoke is one of the most stressful things a homeowner can experience. The physical damage to your home from a fire is only one part of a potential fire damage claim. Smoke can damage everything in your home. You would be shocked to learn what you are truly entitled to. For example, are you aware that odor is covered?

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When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

  • The moment you discover damage, do not call your insurance company. Call Brian immediately.  The manner in which you report a claim and the specific language used is the difference between a covered loss and a denied loss.
Trustworthy and Reliable

If you're dealing with a public adjuster that will affect your property or other assets, it's crucial that you select the most experienced and dedicated claims adjusters in the business.
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We’re Fast and Efficient

When it comes to hiring a public adjuster, you want to resolve your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work for you! We will communicate directly with your insurance company so you don't have to and negotiate the best possible settlement.
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We Treat You Like Family

We’ve built a reputation founded on customer satisfaction. When negotiating for you, we treat you like family. When it comes to dealing with a public adjuster, Philadelphia locals as well as all of PA, DE, MD, and NJ have been selecting Brian Singer as their public adjuster.
select Brian Singer as your public adjuster

Residential Adjusting

Brian Singer will handle each and every aspect of your homeowner’s claim. You do not need to get a separate estimate from a contractor. Brian’s knowledge of construction practices and pricing is an essential part of why Brian Singer is the best person to handle your claim.

Commercial Adjusting

Commercial property losses often involve not only physical damage to buildings and businesses contents but also the loss of income and/or rental income. Brian Singer will interpret the commercial insurance policy’s language in order to make a claim for each aspect of the loss.

Why Brian Singer as my Public Adjuster?

Why Brian is your go-to Public Adjuster? Brian will handle every aspect of your claim, so you don’t have to!
  • Free consultation
  • Hassle-Free
  • Stress-Free
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Certifications: Member of National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Vale National Certified Senior Level Estimator and Haig Engineering Certified Roof Inspector

Types of Insurance Claims & Damages

fire & smoke insurance claims

Fire & Smoke Damage

Water Damage

Tree Fall Damage

wind & tornado public adjuster

Wind & Tornado Damage

Roofing & Siding Damage
Personal Property Damage
theft insurance claims public adjuster
Theft & Vandalism
rain damage insurance claims

Rain Damage

natural disasters insurance public adjuster
hurricane damage public adjuster in pennsylvania

Hurricane Damage

Appliance Damage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Insurance companies hire, train, and direct professionals to handle claims on their behalf, and spare no expense protecting their own interests.
  • Property owners need and deserve professionals who work exclusively for them.
  • Public adjusters knowledge and experience make them strong advocates for you.
  • Presenting your own claim to the insurance company seldom yields positive results and could be put you at great risk.
  • Whether or not filing a claim will result in a higher premium depends on several factors – what caused the damage, if you have had any prior claims, when those prior claims occurred, and the guidelines for your specific insurance company.
  • In most cases, the benefit of filing a claim is far greater than any impact on your premium.
  • Brian Singer will always help you decide if a claim makes sense for you.
There is a key difference between the representative your insurance carrier assigns to your loss and a Licensed Public Adjuster.
Insurance Companies can assign:
  • Staff adjuster – an employee of your insurance company
  • Independent insurance claims adjuster- a hired gun who solely works on their behalf
  • Estimating contractor- another company only looking out for the insurance company
  • Ladder Assist Company with no licensure or experience in any other type of property damage other than roofing.

If you want to get the most from your claim, choosing a competent Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, such as Brian Singer is the best decision you can make

  • Supplemental damage claims are common, therefore it is not too late to hire a Licensed Public Adjuster.
  • However, having Brian Singer as your public adjuster sooner rather than later will ensure you get the maximum settlement.
  • When you put your faith in Brian Singer and Alliance Adjustment Group, we take care of the entire process.
  • We report the claim to the insurance company then schedule all the necessary inspections.
  • We evaluate the full extent of damage and meet directly with representatives of the insurance company.
  • We notify you whenever the insurance company issues a payment and we explain it to you.
  • We continue to negotiate with the insurance company until you are satisfied with the settlement, and we document all activity throughout the process.
  • We handle all the details and strive to make the process as easy as possible for you while maximizing your settlement at the same time.

All claims are different but there are certain things you can rely upon.

  • For instance, the first inspection with a representative of the insurance company will occur quickly because they want to see the loss soon after it happened.  
  • It usually takes less than a week to meet with the insurance company on-site.
  • The initial inspection and payment are generally received 10-20 days after the initial inspection.
  • This is longer than most people expect.  Insurance companies are large organizations.  Everyone reports to a manager and there is an “approval process.”  
  • After the initial payment, it is common to perform a re-inspection with the insurance company which often leads to one or more supplemental payments.
  • You can trust that Brian Singer is persistent,  He will continue to negotiate with your insurance company until you are satisfied with the settlement.
When you hire Brian, you get so much more than a Public Adjuster.
  • He will be there for you to listen and will help you in every way possible. You will never feel alone.
  • Brian is skilled, experienced and compassionate and will guide you through the entire claim process.