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Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

An insurance company can be your best friend or your worse nightmare. You pay them over and over again just in case a catastrophe happens. Bam! After years, it finally happens. A tree falls on your home, your water heater springs a leak, or a plane engine falls out of the sky. The first thing you do is to call your insurance company, right? Wrong! A USA public adjuster is your first phone call. Brian Singer is licensed public adjuster in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Quicker Insurance Payout

Insurance companies like to drag their feet. It may take them longer to get back to you or try to lowball you on the actual damages. It could take months to fix that leaky roof, purchase a new boiler, or remove water from your basement. A licensed public adjuster, like Brian Singer, is a negotiation expert. They can get the ball rolling within 24 hours. They can have contractors onsite the very next day. Don’t waste time dealing with your insurance company for the runaround. Hire a licensed public adjuster.

Emotions Run High

When dealing with a tragedy, the last thing you can do is think clearly. You may take whatever the insurance company offers if you have suffered a significant loss. This can hurt you more in the long run. When you contact a licensed public adjuster, like Brian Singer, they understand you are mentally exhausted. They will take all the stress and headache off you so you can concentrate on your mental health and family.

Network of Contractors

Sometimes a licensed public adjuster has a slew of contractors just a phone call away. Brian Singer is one of those. He has several contractors he can call to come out the very next day. They can look at the damage and give you the best price possible. When you are dealing with a disaster, the last thing you want to do is make many phone calls. Your licensed public adjuster Brian Singer, will handle that for you.

No Upfront Costs

When you hire a licensed public adjuster like Brian Singer, you will not pay upfront. They will come out, inspect the damage and reach out to your insurance company and contractors without you paying a dime. Once the licensed public adjuster settles with your insurance company, you will pay a predetermined percentage to the adjuster. Easy, right?

Contact your licensed public adjuster, Brian Singer, at (215) 880-3958 anytime, day or night! Accidents materialize at the most inconvenient times. Brian Singer and his staff are there when that happens. Visit WhyBrianSinger? to see what they can do for you. Start the ball rolling today to get compensated right away!

When to call a public adjuster insurance claim

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